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Are You Thinking About Launching Your Own Hit Podcast?

Most people come to the Podcasters Mastery podcast course as they want a successful business, and see a podcast as the solution.

That is great thinking…….

Getting behind the microphone is the greatest boost you and your business will ever experience.

Having the ability to speak directly to listeners across the world and effortlessly convert them into buying customers is like magic.

At Podcasters Mastery we have the system to make that happen for you.

Without A Podcasting Strategy You Will Struggle

Everyone thinks that podcasting is all about microphones and equipment….WRONG!

If you want to know how to start a podcast then go to YouTube.

If you want to know how to make a life changing income with your podcast then you need to understand three core things… 

During our free podcast training we reveal how true podcasting success starts long before ever pressing record.

Ready to learn the real way to having a hit podcast?

Podcasters Mastery Is The Podcast Course That Makes Your Dreams Come True

In one word we deliver the “Results” you want to achieve.

With David Ralph the UK’s number one podcaster achieving downloads of over 5,000,000 of his hit podcast Join Up Dots, you have a true podcasting master in your corner.

This podcast training is designed 100% for maximum rewards with the minimum effort.

He teaches what is working TODAY and not five years ago like everybody else.

Like all his students who are studying his powerful “Podcast Growth System” you will be on your way to a multiple six figure business that grows month by month.

Forget what you think makes a podcast work, its time to learn the podcasters mastery way.

iTunes has 600 Million active podcast listeners ...or as we call them "Customers"
If you are not learning the secret strategies that bring them into your business like magic, you might as well not be podcasting - it's that important!

Launch A Podcast By The End Of The Week With Our Free Podcast Course



Hosted by David Ralph

 The host of global hit show Join Up Dots 

You Get Direct Access To A Podcasting Master

As soon as you join Podcasters Mastery you will know that it is special.

You will realise that you have made the wisest decision for your podcast, your business, your financial future, your life.

To be able to experience one on one time with one of the worlds greatest podcasters is something that money can’t buy.

Not only that you will become a close friend to David Ralph, as he works personally throughout your podcast training, to develop your ideas all the way to launch and beyond. 


Podcast Training

Free LIFETIME Community Access & Powerful Group Mastermind

This is the third biggest reason Podcasters Mastery is the best podcast training available… as if we needed another reason.

You get free LIFETIME access to our private Facebook community & Group Masterminds included with the group and 1-on-1 packages. 

There’s no extra monthly fees for belonging unlike other podcast training online today that charge hundreds of dollars per month to join theirs!

The group coaching calls are held directly inside this group and you’ll be able to ask David as many podcasting questions as you want.​

Members can share their successes, ask for feedback, network and basically encourage each other through the process. Plus, David frequently answers questions in there by recording a personalized video to you.

We know that life sometimes throws you curve balls and you progress through a course slower than you’d like. Having LIFETIME access included, instead of just for a short time, is priceless! 

Especially one that is free forever, unlike most podcast courses online today.

Unbelievable Bonus Material Others Would Try To Charge You For - FREE

Podcast Course
Podcast Training
Podcast Training

Interview Masterclass

Valued at $470, Interview Masterclass (by David Ralph) teaches you the skills he has developed from interviewing over 1000 guests.

New podcasters often struggle to interview their guests without sounding like they’re reading through a list of pre-written questions.​

David Ralph is known in the podcasting world for having the most engaging interviews that sound like you’re getting to listen in to a private chat between friends.​

In this bonus podcast course he shares the 12 secret steps to recording a conversation that is engaging, fun, and most importantly, will have your listeners coming back time and time again.

It will help you to take a massive step towards podcasting success and solves one of the biggest issues new podcasters face. With this, you’ll never have to worry about “how” to interview people.​

Just A Few Words From Our Delighted Students

Home Course

$ 897
  • Elite Video Training Tutorials
  • Free Lifetime Facebook Community Access
  • Templates, Guides &
    Additional Resources

Group Coaching

$ 1,997
  • Elite Video Training Tutorials
  • 2 Hour One to One Strategy Sessions With UK's #1 Podcaster

    (Value $4,000)
  • Bonus: Interview Masterclass Course

    (Value $470)
  • Live Weekly Zoom
    Coaching Sessions
  • Traffic Growth Strategies
  • Free Lifetime Facebook Community Access
  • Monetizing Your Podcast
    Strategy Sessions
  • Templates, Guides &
    Additional Resources

One On One
Master Coaching

$ 4,997
  • Elite Video Training Tutorials
  • 8 One On One Exclusive Power Sessions With UK's #1 Podcaster

    (Value $16,000)
  • Bonus: Interview Masterclass Course

    (Value $470)
  • Introductions To Top Podcasters To Grow Your Show Quickly

    (Value $997)
  • Contact Details For 1,000 Plus Podcast Guests

    (Value $1,997)
  • Live Weekly Zoom
    Coaching Sessions
  • Traffic Growth Strategies
  • Free Lifetime Facebook Community Access
  • Monetizing Your Podcast
    Strategy Sessions
  • Templates, Guides &
    Additional Resources
  • Unlimited Questions With
    UK's #1 Podcaster
  • Audio Bumper By David Ralph For Your Podcast

We Are Happy To Answer Every Question You Have

You might have some other questions I haven't answered, so here's what I get asked most often:

If you can use a phone, or a computer (and if you are reading this then I bet you can do both) you are more advanced than you think. There are a few things to learn to make a podcast sound great, but it really isn’t hard.

There are so many benefits from exposure, customer loyalty, email list growing, to becoming an expert in record time. The more you podcast the more you find out what it can do for your business.

Many podcasters take a long time to record and produce a podcast, but that’s just boring. At Podcasters Mastery our record is 19 seconds to get a show finished, which we guess can be classed as “Not long at all”

Most podcast training run online today, you will barely see or speak to the supposed expert sharing their knowledge. I am heavily involved with videos, FB lives, and answering additional questions directly. If you come out the other end, not feeling that we are now friends then I would be amazed.

There are costs involved, such as web hosting, podcast file hosting to name just two. But I dont see why you cant start podcasting on around $50 per month.

This is like comparing apples to oranges. Our group coaching is around the same cost as most Podcast Training today, with one big difference. I am involved to such a degree that it will feel like one on one training which most people charge $5000 plus for. You wont get the knowledge, support, or systems anywhere else I can assure you.

No other course online today gives you a system to follow that generates an ever increasing audience. FACT. Also no other course, shows you how to record and edit super fast FACT. And no other course has the founder as involved on a day to day basis FACT.

Yes you can do, but it all comes down to the simple fact of listeners. In the majority of cases, if you release a show that doesnt grow, then no you wont. But dont worry. We will show you ways that you can still make the money even if you dont get a iTunes busting top show. We will show you how to make money with just one listener.

We teach a system that should start returning income straight away. We dont want to wait years before the cash comes in to your bank account, so lets start doing the right things from the start that makes it happen fast.

I started simply because I thought it would be an easy life. Oh, how wrong I was!!! But through those struggles I find what I now teach to you guys. So its given me a great life, but not in the way that others led me to believe before i started.

I think they give up as they are following training techniques that worked five years ago and not today. If you aren’t seeing the results then its hard to keep going. We like to teach the things that are working today to help you grow a podcast that works for your business.

Yes you really do. It’s just yet another thing that sets the Podcasters Mastery podcast course apart from any other podcast course out there.

Who Is David Ralph, Founder Of Podcasters Mastery?

David launched his podcast Join Up Dots in April 2014 and now has a show listened to in 182 countries.

Amazingly compared to most podcasters online today he runs his whole podcast by himself in just three days per month.

Every system, strategy and optimization he has developed to share with his students, has made him a regular speaker at Podcast conferences around the world. 

His entire business is a result of his podcast and as the UK’s #1 podcaster, he’s regularly asked to speak at places like Pod Fest.​

David has put everything he knows about podcasting into Podcasters Mastery so you can get the results you’re looking for and have a successful podcast that fuels your business.​ 

Podcast Training

Before You Leave Us Grab Your Place On Our Amazing Podcast Course



Hosted by David Ralph

 The host of global hit show Join Up Dots 

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